What is Giving Tuesday?

The newest entry into the post-Thanksgiving shopping fray is called Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday differs significantly from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday in that while the day is about spending, it isn’t about shopping.

Giving Tuesday is your chance to donate a portion of your holiday spending money to nonprofit organizations that you trust and believe in. It is a natural fit with this time of year because people feel most charitable at Christmas time and, after spending three days wrapped up in consumerism and materialism, Giving Tuesday reminds shoppers to give back.

The first official Giving Tuesday was in 2012 and was announced by several Tech websites to promote online giving to charities.

Since then, it has become a huge drive for donations in the nonprofit sector with Facebook providing matching funds each year for a percentage of the donations made over their platform.

Some nonprofits have even replaced their end of year donation efforts with a big push at Giving Tuesday because the day has been so effective in raising awareness about the financial needs of your favorite charities.

In 2014, it is estimated that $28 million was given to nonprofit organizations on Giving Tuesday. In 2018, that number ballooned to an estimated $400 million, making the day a game changer in the nonprofit sector.

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