VIDEO: Why is the public school system broken?

If you think your children are not getting as much out of their education as they should, that the days are too long, and the classes are too boring, you’re probably right.

The truth is, our public school system was designed to train factory workers during the industrial revolution, so when you send your children to school they learn how to follow instructions, perform one task for several hours, and never to question authority.

As parents, we may like the idea of kids following instructions, staying hyper-focused on one task, and not questioning our authority, but those skills that earn high marks in school, just aren’t the skills the modern job market and workplaces reward.

The job market of today values innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. Workers are rewarded now for thinking outside the box and developing new solutions, not for following procedures and being a cog in a machine.

The video above explains in simple terms the six of the big problems with today’s schools and how they have fallen behind the times.

This doesn’t mean our public school systems are without value, but you should watch this so that you know what your child isn’t getting from school.

Maybe you can help improve it, but more than likely, this will open your eyes to things you need to do to prepare your children for the future.


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