Who is Linda Tripp?

For a while on Saturday morning, the name Linda Tripp was trending on Twitter and in Google searches. She isn’t exactly a household name, but her emergence as a trend is timely.

Linda Tripp was a key player in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. She was the whistleblower who secretly recorded phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky detailing her affair with President Clinton.

Tripp, who worked at the White House, brought the affair to light and was one of the key players in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal along with Ken Starr.

In case you’re wondering why her name was trending, ever since the whistleblower’s complaint against President Donald Trump became public, republicans have been saying that second-hand information isn’t credible enough to warrant an impeachment hearing.

Democrats took to Twitter to remind those republicans that Linda Tripp’s second-hand knowledge was enough to warrant impeachment during the late 90s, when republicans controlled the House of Representatives.


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